Asthma Care North East has been established in North East England to help people with asthma and other respiratory conditions to safely, effectively and naturally control their symptoms and improve their quality of life, while reducing their need for medication.
At the heart of the Asthma Care programme are a series of breathing techniques developed by the late Russian medical doctor and scientist, Professor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko.
Professor Buteyko (bew-tay-ko)
In the 1950s Professor Buteyko made a great and simple discovery. He observed that many sick people over-breathe, and it struck him that maybe, if their over-breathing was corrected, their health might improve. He went on to test his theory in laboratory conditions with many patients, and he found that a range of illnesses can be successfully treated by correcting breathing patterns. From then on it became his life's work to develop techniques to reverse over-breathing and thereby restore people to good health. This led to his ideas being finally accepted by the Russian authorities and incorporated into the countries medical practice in the 1980s.


Asthma Care North East is run by Ian Sholl, a lifelong asthmatic who first discovered the Buteyko Method in 1998, when he took a course to treat his own chronic condition with Alexander Stalmatski - the Russian associate of Professor Buteyko who pioneered his method in the western world.

In 2009, Ian went on to train and qualify as a Buteyko Practitioner with Patrick McKeown, a most renowned practitioner trainer who was accredited directly by Professor Buteyko and who has written a number of books on the method, including the best selling 'Asthma Free Naturally'.